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Best Partner to Startups

At Fiber-X, we strive to become the ultimate partner for startups. We understand that many startups fail due to a lack of proper guidance, rushed product development, and unsuccessful commercialization. Our goal is to be a different kind of technical partner by providing consulting, technical expertise, and guidance to your team. Despite our expertise, we are a small and flexible team that is approachable and easy to work with.

What do we offer for startups

Fiber-X is dedicated to helping startups to scale from idea to production with tailored, innovative solutions that fit each client’s unique needs.

Even if you only have an idea, we would love to help you! By providing conculting, networking to different stakeholders, providing technical solutions, that you can show to investors.

Our service is simple: we offer you the whole lifecycle services by starting from the lab, scale it on industrial pilot site in pre-commercial scale and then offering turnkey-project to you by planning, constructing and startingup your first commercial bioplant.

We are there with you the whole journey and guide you to it, so that you don't feel small and ignorant. We know there are risks, but we see the opportunities with your ideas as well! 

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New processes and Solutions


  • Customized project deliveries

  • Superior process design and engineering from planning to implementation

  • EPCM project management, optimization & maintenance

  • Flexible but professional approach with minimal overheads

  • Rapid process development cycle: 24 – 36 months

  • Solutions based on minimized chemical, water and energy use

  • Various business models, partnering on multiple levels, avoiding complex process designs

  • Assistance with IPR management

  • ​Modular container concepts: Fast to assemble, global delivery & quick start-up, reduced costs (10 – 30 000 t/a production units)

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