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About us



We are enablers from idea to production. In total, our team has decades of knowhow in lignocellulose and process engineering. This is the foundation of Fiber-X. We develop new concepts that inspire people and drive industries forward.

We are the centre of transformative technologies and material knowhow in fiber biospace -  a catalyst for regenerative change. We are collaborative by nature, partnering with universities, engineers,  companies, startups and all kinds of change-makers.

We operate through our three business units which complement each other. We operate with global partners and a trustworthy supplier network. Our services cover from material and technology development to industrial piloting and scale up, process engineering and implementation. 


Growth +56 % 

in 2023

Flag pole of lead time offering

Number of Projects


Picture of calendar for lead time

Average lead time

Bioplants 24–36 months

Projects 1–6 months


A professional team, strong process and fiber expertise, supported by our partners world wide.


Our values guide us to build happy and safe work culture, provide high quality services and shape resilient future for the next generations.

Transparency & confidentiality

  • Confidentiality is the cornerstone in our work. Our scope contains valuable innovations, so intellectual property rights must be carefully protected.        

  • We are an independent facility without industrial shareholders. Trust is created through 100% confidentiality and elegant transparency.

Safety & caring

  • Caring, respectful and safe work culture gets the best out of our teams.

  • Passion, productivity and inspiration correlates directly with an atmosphere of teamwork, openness and appreciation. It's all about people.

Life cycle & ecosystem thinking

  • There is no waste in nature. All material should be utilized to the last drop of value among industries. We create global impact with local strategies and provide life cycle solutions from idea to production. 

  • Ecosystems create the value. Together we can find the new material and technical solutions to utilize nature’s potential in a regenerative way. Together with high spirit and deep technical knowhow, with vast networks and wide-ranging global possibilities we tackle the challenges of circular economy.


Flexibility & optimization

  • Time is not on our side, fast actions are needed with optimal mindset and resources. Our lean core team of ‘artists & soldiers’ guarantee fast and efficient implementations, from process development over scale-up to custom manufacturing to your needs. We focus on finding the optimal approach to translate your lab scale innovations to commercial production.

Interested in working for us?

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