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FIBERX and responsibility


Our contribution is 


We tackle challenges of the circular economy in a solution-oriented approach, with passion and professionalism. With key natural ingredients and essential knowhow, focusing on sustainable improvement with the power of nature.

ESG Principles


Responsibility is strongly reflected in our company's values ​​and operations. Building a strategic competitive advantage in a changing operating environment is easier when responsibility is built into the company's core business. FIBER-X aims to be a winner in the green transition.

Our lives depend on nature and the vital resources it provides. How can we preserve and support natural diversity and ecosystems for the betterment of our planet, humanity and economy? This is what all companies and people should think about in their daily lives.



We understand the importance of sustainable production processes, energy efficiency and water consumption role in creating a better future for all.


Our goal is to develop cutting-edge solutions that optimize the usage of both, energy and water and help reduce carbon emissions while building economical growth. We don’t want to sustain the current level, instead drive towards regenerative solutions. 


We want to create a truly humane and good working life.

We believe in ecosystems' power. Together with all kinds of change makers we have much better chances to find inspirational nature-friendly solutions to tackle climate change. We work closely with innovative companies across industries, as well as universities and public organisations sharing the same goals.


Our mission is to connect underutilized raw materials, producers and end users, as well as to boost an inspiring startup culture and vitality both regionally and globally.


Good governance is a prerequisite for sustainable and profitable growth, including elements such as reliability, responsibility, flexibility and productivity, It encourages us to take responsible actions to ensure that our operations are efficient, safe and ethically correct.


We offer ambitious guidelines and procedures that help customers and partners trust our company and guarantee that the business does not harm anyone.

HSEQ Principles




The well-being of our people is at the heart of our health & safety, environmental and quality policy. We are committed to to safe, reliable, efficient and environmentally conscious development without wasting natural resources.


We put health and safety first. This policy is communicated to all employees and partners and made available to the public.  When we comply with good standards together, all operations are on a sustainable basis.

FIBERX (HSEQ) Management System is an ongoing process and meets with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System, ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health & Safety Management System, ISO14001:2015 Environmental Management System. 


ESQ & HSEQ principles guide us to build happy & safe work culture, provide high quality services and shape resilient future for the next generations.

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