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Materials and Design



In developing futuristic material innovations around biofibers and natural residues, we are a first class partner!  We work in an ecosystem together with the best universities, students and professors in the world to turn your business  to be regenerative.

To ensure a perfect fit for your needs, let’s unleash our multidisciplinary team and design it together.

From Waste-to-Material-to-Design.

Hub for constant WOW-innovations.


Packaging, fabrics, composites.

Urban planning, transport, interiors, synthetic biology.

A launch pad for startups, pre-commercialization & scale up.

Design, Proof-of-Concepts and commercialization of disruptive products & processes for customers and joint spinoff ventures with partners.

Novel Biomaterials

Nurturing the futuristic ideas that will transform industries.

Lignocellulose waste and side streams. 

From Residue to Resource.

From Waste to Value.

From Research to Business.

We are there.

Creating material innovations that will regenerate the world and enable continuity for the next generations.

Over 100 customer projects since 1999 by FIBERX AB Sweden. #1 prize winner at Wargön Innovation 2019 contest for biodegradable mulch paper design.


We offer a scalable path to innovations, in a world where the circular economy calls out for impressive regenerative actions. We search and enable solutions for utilizing our nature’s fibers’ potential in the most circular way.

Our ambition is to build scalable model to accelerate Research to Business and commercialize the best business opportunities.


Possible joint ventures aim to utilize our material and technology knowhow, piloting and production scale up. This is in combination with customers and concept expertise in association with partner networks.

Products and Design
We are here to co-create world saving products and joint ventures around radical innovations.
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