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Unique EPCM & engineering services

Our mission is to come up with new concepts that inspire people and drive industries forward. We are open for companies and start ups to explore, pilot and scale up joint ideas, concepts and projects. 

EPCM & Engineering Services at Fiber-X

At Fiber-X, we combine unique process technology expertise with diverse engineering capabilities to deliver services that add real value to all aspects of industrial plant processes. 

We offer a full range of consulting and design services covering all stages of an bioplant's lifecycle — from pre-engineering and analyses to the execution of EPCM projects and daily operational support. 

Fiber-X is dedicated to helping startups and companies alike scale from idea to production with tailored, innovative solutions that fit each client’s unique needs.

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New processes and Solutions


  • Customized project deliveries

  • Superior process design and engineering from planning to implementation

  • EPCM project management, optimization & maintenance

  • Flexible but professional approach with minimal overheads

  • Rapid process development cycle: 24 – 36 months

  • Solutions based on minimized chemical, water and energy use

  • Various business models, partnering on multiple levels, avoiding complex process designs

  • Assistance with IPR management

  • ​Modular container concepts: Fast to assemble, global delivery & quick start-up, reduced costs (10 – 30 000 t/a production units)


Innovators are at the heart of all revolutions. In business confidentiality is key, but we are able to present a few case examples of our engineering work so far. In addition to these, a few others are in progress.

It’s a privilege to work with innovative partners!

Biorefinery in Lappeenranta, Finland

Turn-key pilot plant project 2019-2023 for

Nordic Bioproducts Group Oy

MCC production 10000 tn/a


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